Spring updates

It almost feels like spring! Lucky for us the weather cooperated with a few dry days to start some initial site work prior to bidding out the full building package.

The team has been busy working with our partners and learning from potential suppliers about how we can best work together.  While we will offer inspected cut/wrap services to producers and the general public, we are planning on purchasing in carcasses and are looking forwards to developing strong relationships

with producers.  For more information about our specifications please reach out to Annie at the contact listed below.

Annie will also be presenting at the Jackson County Farm Bureau Meeting in Ripley March 23, 2020. Come on out to learn more about our project!

We are also excited to share that we are working with the State Department of Labor to set up a registered Meat-cutting Apprenticeship program.  If you or someone is interested in a program like this we would love to hear from them!

As always, you can find more information at


The Abattoir team was excited to receive final architectural renderings for the new facility.  Modern renderings are so realistic it almost looks like it is built already!  Buzz is currently bidding out some key specialized equipment prior to the full building bid package (More information here: ) but we hope to have the building bid package ready within the next few months.

In other exciting news, dirt is moving on some initial landslide repair and site development work on the property.   Extensive rain last winter necessitated constructing a rock buttress to shore up the hillside from any future earth movement. While this site work does not yet mark our official groundbreaking, it is exciting to see activity on the site!

Meeting RSVP
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Facility Details

In case you missed it!
The facility is planned for around 10-11,000 sq. ft. built for a maximum capacity of 100 head a week in beef cattle.  It is going to be a multi-species facility processing Beef, Pork, Lamb,and Goat. We will provide USDA inspected and USDA graded cut/wrap services and also be looking to purchase beef on the rail from local producers. The facility will have a scalder/scaper, smokehouse, and a dedicated Ready-to-Eat processing room.


It has been a busy spring already!

  • Buzz hosted the West Virginia Beef Tour in January - Sierra and Annie did a great presentation and virtual "tour" of Buzz and the new facility!
  • We were excited to be a part of the WV Agriculture and Conservation Awareness Day at the Legislature January 31st.  For a quick recap about why we were there check out this video from the WVDA:
  • We were all set up at the West Virginia Small Farms Conference.  It is always a great experience to connect with farmers and share more about what our project goals are.
  • We were honored to host WVU Davis College leadership at our processing facility and explain how the expansion will present a host of exciting new opportunities for producers, students, and data crunching!


We'd love to hear from you!    

Contact Annie at 304-935-4781 x 114 or at

Buzz Food Service, 4818 Kanwha Blvd. East, Charleston, WV 25306, United States

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